Brand Marketing Company

Solving impossible issues with extraordinary strategies.


With the progress of globalization and digitalization,
the world is becoming increasingly unpredictable.
Through the experience of COVID-19 pandemic,
human behaviors and values have changed fundamentally.

What is now required for brands is a
robust and effective strategy.
Facing this era of change,
what we need is not the expected Plan A or Plan B, but the
extraordinary Strategy X.

We incorporate the most up-to-date approaches
of major global marketing companies
based on deep understanding of the Japanese market.
To reach our unique "X" factor,
we work closely with companies,
organizations, government, and universities,
in collaboration with diverse people with design,
digital, tech, and academic backgrounds.

We are here
to solve your latest and toughest issues.



After working at Hakuhodo, Shanghai Hakuhodo, TBWA / HAKUHODO, Yoshi was appointed as McCann's Group Head of Planning, and Executive Planning Director, before he started his own company in April 2021.He has been involved in the brand marketing strategy of major advertising companies for more than 21 years, and has been engaged in the business of domestic and global companies. He is particularly strong in brand strategy and global marketing strategy planning. Throughout his career, Yoshi has helped creating strategies for more than 100 brands.

He holds a Masters degree from The George Washington University in the United States.
Former visiting professor at Tongji University in Shanghai (lecturing advertising planning for local students in Chinese for 3 years).
Currently a lecturer at Aoyama Gakuin University, MBA teaching Brand Strategy, and also a lecturer at Meiji University teaching Strategic Marketing.
Former member of the Japan Advertising Agencies Association.
Awards include Cannes Lions International Festival of Advertising, Asia Pacific Advertising Festival, APAC Effie Awards, etc.
Judging experience includes APAC Effie Awards, WARC Awards, and China International Advertising Festival.

Yoshi is also the author of several books including: "New Chinese Youth Market" (Kobundo), "Contemporary Chinese Consumer Culture" (Iwanami Shoten), "Marketing English Textbook" (Sendenkaigi), "English Expressions for Business E-mail and Chat Tools" (Cross Media Language), “Future of Asia 2010” (Hankyu Communications), “Facilitator's Textbook” (Nikkei Inc.), etc.

松浦 良高

What we do.


Leverage the power of strategic planning to make a positive impact on society during this fluctuating era of globalization and digitalization


We help brands from any kind of organization, ranging from large corporations to SMEs, start-ups to local governments. Branding is not just about superficial design. Together, we will identify the unique core value that impacts the overall business.


We help develop effective strategies for products and services to be successful in the market. Strategies range from target strategies to marketing execution or advertising campaigns.


Utilizing the experience of supporting marketing in a wide range of industries (automobiles, daily necessities, home appliances, etc.) in the mainland China market. We will create a successful marketing strategy in China based on our extensive network of China experts.


Our marketers are all capable in doing business in Japanese, English and Chinese, but it's not just the language that matters. We will create effective strategies based on our deep understanding of both the universal values of humankind and the different nuances among consumers in each country.


What is a brand? How is a brand made? How can you create an effective marketing strategy? We provide organizations with trainings and lectures based on practical cased studies and contents taught at MBA courses.

Recent Updates


At StrategyX, our culture is to provide a high level of intellectual inspiration, and help each other at the same time.We are currently expanding our business and are looking for new partners.We are also looking for new ways of cooperation such as outsourcing, informal alliances, and collaboration with independent experts. We are looking for encounters with team players who are intellectually curious and have a strong desire to grow. If you are interested, please contact us through this link. We will contact you if there is a possibility of business collaboration or hiring. For university students who want to pursue an internship, please also apply from here.



Company NameStrategyX Company
EstablishedApril 2021
Capital3,000,000 Japanese Yen
Description of BusinessBrand strategy, marketing strategy, Chinese business, global marketing strategy, brand marketing training, market research, etc.